Empowered Energy was born of a passion and a calling to bring awareness to energy and mindfulness.

The pursuit of wellness incorporates

mind, body and spirit. 

Empowered Energy seeks to offer access to various aspects of wellness and empower each individual.

Please explore my website to learn more about me and the services that I offer. 

About Me

     My name is Maralis Self. I am a mother of three, an entrepreneur and a military spouse. My passion in the field of wellness as a whole, began after a desire emerged to find a more holistic and intentional way to manage stress.

     The beginning of my journey first led me to Reiki, a Japanese Relaxation technique in the healing arts. I was so profoundly affected and helped by Reiki, that I felt called to learn and certify in this modality. This is undeniably the source of the spark of my passion for wellness and service to others. I attained my Reiki Master Certification and began serving clients, in-person as well as virtually. Reiki addresses the mind and spirit, which empowers individuals and by default, can help to improve the physical body as well.

     Still, I felt called again, to seek knowledge and explore how I could serve by weaving energetic awareness of the physical body and intentional movement, into what I do. This led me to the natural companion, yoga. I achieved my next goal of receiving my yoga teacher certification. This strengthened my knowledge and education of the mind/body/spirit connection.

    And then once again, I felt the call, and as you may have gleaned about me, I answered it! This time, I enrolled in a course and certified as a Mindfulness Master Practitioner. These elements combined with my passion and desire to help others grow, heal and become empowered, and Empowered Energy was born.  

     Empowered Energy represents my skills, my services and my heart-centered desire to help others find awareness of self, balance, stress reduction and mindfulness. I facilitate this through Reiki Sessions, Yoga Classes, Mindfulness training, speaking engagements, workshops and classes on the topics of energy awareness and mindfulness. I offer services and guidance one-on-one, and in groups as well. I feel most fulfilled in my work when I can witness how I have helped someone learn tools to enhance life, and watch them step into their own light, their own empowered existence.





Reiki is a Japanese relaxation technique in the healing arts field. It is a holistic way to manage stress and anxiety, increase awareness and come into energetic alignment.


Yoga is a comprehensive system that promotes physical, mental, emotional & spiritual well-being. Yoga incorporates asanas, physical postures, designed to purify the body and promote physical strength, as well as meditation benefits.


Mindfulness practice aims to focus on the present moment with intention and accepting it without judgment. It is a conscious state of being that focuses on awareness in the present, in a calm way.


Sometimes it is a challenge to make time in daily life to mediate. In this service, time and space is reserved for you, to experience a guided meditation focused on your needs.

Workshops &
Speaking Engagements

I lead workshops for groups and businesses, and guide individuals one-on-one in the areas of energy awareness and mindfulness. I speak at events, conferences and seminars about these topics as well.


"When we create peace and harmony and balance in our minds, we will find it in our lives."

~Louise Hay


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