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I believe wellness involves mind, body and spirit. 

My name is Maralis and I am a spiritually intuitive practitioner in the Healing Arts. I am passionate about helping others work toward the most luminous version of themselves

I utilize various wellness techniques that help guide people,

while holding sacred space for their journey.

Healing & Empowerment are the heart of my work.

What sets me apart...

My journey has changed my life. I bring the techniques that

I have experienced, as well as learned and certified in, such as Reiki, Meditation, Yoga, Mindfulness, Channeling, Mediumship and Psychic abilities into the client experience.

My true-life experiences and vast reading,

study and research are what inform my work.

I take a, compassionate approach, always.

But I am also going to be honest and real.

A fellow medium once described me as

"The Universal Mother".

Each person is different, and the path to healing and empowerment will be uniquely their own.

We discover that together, so that you can discover

the most luminous version of YOU.

I especially work with women who are ready to re-discover themselves, begin their healing journey and overcome past experiences. As well, with those experiencing a Spiritual Awakening, wanting to understand more about that journey.

I also work with women coming out later in life, and with those who are redefining their religious belief systems.

I am a Certified Reiki Master, Master Mindfulness Practitioner & Certified Yoga Teacher. I am also a military spouse and proudly part of the LGBTQ Community.

I'm a mother, a wife, an advocate, a mentor, a teacher, a military spouse, and a human who believes in making the world a better place and spreading love and kindness.

Please explore my website to learn more

"When we create peace and harmony and balance in our minds, we will find it in our lives."

~Louise Hay


Photographer: Mikaela Wendel, WMNKND

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913-214-6231 (Feel free to text me.)


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