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       REIKI                               INTUITIVE READING               INTUITIVE GUIDANCE MENTORING

Reiki works with energy, and energy not only is in all things, but transcends time and space. Reiki can bring calm, ease, lessen anxiety, help you feel more aligned, ground your energy and help release energy that no longer serves your highest good. I, as the practitioner am not healing you, but rather serving as a vessel, a conduit to access and transmit healing energy from Source, for your highest good.

Distance Session: 50 mins, $88

Reiki & Energy Guidance: 75mins, $111

*ALL Reiki Sessions can be booked online here. If you don't see a date/time that works, email me to book:

Or send me a text: 913-214-6231

An Intuitive Reading is very unique to each individual. I begin before the client arrives by going into channel. This simply means that I put my active mind aside to open myself to receiving messages for the client. I connect with the clients energy and channel any messages that come for them. Together, we decipher the meaning of the message, which is what makes it completely unique. I never filter what I receive; I simply deliver the message. I am channeling directly from Source energy, with the intention of the highest good for the client. I also use divination tools such as Oracle cards and a pendulum, for additional guidance as needed. I am utilizing intuition, psychic awareness and mediumship throughout this service. This is a virtual reading that can be done via video live, or you can choose to have a detailed email reading sent to you.

Book your Intuitive Reading here.

In Intuitive Guidance Mentoring service, I offer an opportunity to learn more about your intuition, your guides, how to connect with guides, how to gather information, using tools and techniques and how to grow in your intuition. This is especially helpful for those who have felt a shift in their spirituality and/or their intuition, but could use guidance on their next steps. It's perfect for the person just starting to learn as well as those seeking to deepen. Maximum benefit happens when you  learn, explore and practice, while receiving feedback and talking through your discoveries. This is a great way to continue your growth and learn to practice in a sincere way. This offering is a 3-set of sessions, to allow you learn and grow while receiving informed feedback. The sessions build on one another.

3-Session Set: 30 mins each, $131

*Follow up maintenance/check-in sessions after the 3-Session set: 30 mins each, $44-Contact me to book this single session.

Click here to book Intuitive Mentoring Session.

Begin your journey of healing, self-discovery & empowerment .

I work with all time zones. 

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