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Proud Military Spouse

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As a military spouse, I am very connected to my community. I also understand the unique challenges that the military family can face. Sharing my wellness knowledge within my community is also something I am very passionate about. I enjoy serving my community with energy awareness, meditation, mindfulness and yoga. I believe in the benefits of  making these stress reducing techniques more understood, accessible and common place within our community. I also curate workshops and retreats focused on mind, body and spirit wellness.

If you are interested in discussing my connection to the military community, or how I can support you, please send me an email.

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2020 /2021 Fort Leavenworth

Armed Forces Insurance

Military Spouse of the Year

I have facilitated Workshops for:

MakeHer Milspouse Retreat
SheLeads365 (Veteran owned)
Hiring Our Heroes
Inspire Up Foundation
DeStress from your PCS Summit
PILLAR Digital Retreat


I enjoy facilitating workshops for groups and for work spaces. Providing others with well-being techniques and awareness about energy management and ways to reduce stress is one of the things that I enjoy most and do best. 

I would love to provide services for your organization or event.

I invite you to send me an email here, and let's begin the discussion.

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