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I am a Certified Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner. Reiki is a Japanese relaxation technique in the healing arts family of modalities. It promotes relaxation, stress reduction and healing.  Reiki utilizes the universal life energy that exists in all living things, to balance and align energy pathways (chakras). Reiki benefits include: feeling more relaxed, anxiety reduction, enhanced self-awareness and positive feelings. Reiki can also assist in facilitating healing past feelings or negative attachments that do not serve your highest good. Energetic and emotional imbalances can manifest in the physical body. Reiki can help to clear the unbalanced energy that is showing up in your life in unwanted ways and heighten your awareness.

When people work with me and receive Reiki, I am mindful to give them any feedback that I feel, intuitively and energetically.  I also offer the accompanying service of Energy Guidance for those who want to learn techniques such as meditation, divination or request intuitive readings. I always try to offer clients practical, positive ways to work on their chakras and keep the energy centers (chakras) in balance. I provide in-person services as well as virtual.

(Rates: Reiki 50 minutes $55, Reiki & Energy Guidance 75 minutes, $75.) Book Session here.


I am a certified 200-hr Yoga teacher. Yoga is a comprehensive system that promotes physical, mental, emotional & spiritual well-being. Yoga incorporates asanas- physical postures, designed to purify the body and promote physical strength, as well as meditation benefits. Yoga is aligned with the chakras, as Reiki is, so I am often sharing reiki energy naturally, when I am teaching a yoga class. I teach group classes and offer one-on-one yoga classes as well.

(Class rates vary depending on class location. One-on-one rate is $50 per hour.) Contact me directly to book personal session.


I am a certified Mindfulness Master Practitioner. The practice of mindfulness aims to focus on the present moment with intention and to accept it without judgment. It is a conscious state of being that focuses on awareness in the present, in a calm way. The techniques and practice of mindfulness can be calming and aid in reducing stress by keeping you anchored to the present moment. Anyone can benefit from learning mindfulness techniques, and they can be applied in both personal and professional life. I teach mindfulness in group and individual settings. 

(Rates vary depending on group size and time of training. Individual coaching available as well.)



Shamanic journeying allows one to travel, in a safe meditative state, to explore a deeper experience and retrieve information. I have trained on these techniques with a shaman. My role is to guide you there, through a multi-sensory experience. I utilize drumming music in the shamanic tradition, drums, rattles, and other instruments as well as scents such as essential oils, scented waters and smokes, and incense. The purpose of shamanic journeying is to meet a spirit guide that will help you to reveal and uncover answers. No two journeys are alike. I do not use any sort of hallucinogens or substances to facilitate your journey. I do offer a chamomile tea at the start of each journey to help foster deep relaxation. We begin with a discussion about your goals for your journey. Upon return from your journey, we discuss so that I can assist you in deciphering your journey. We then conclude with art that you take home, to allow you to recall the valuable messages that you have received. The service can range from 1.5 to 2 hours. *This service requires pre-payment in full. Book your Journey here.

(Rate: $100)

Workshops &

Speaking Engagements

My work is heart-centered. I am truly passionate about being able to inspire, teach and empower others. Healing past difficult situations and finding my way to healing, growth and happiness have equipped me with a unique perspective, as does being a military spouse. I am passionate about leading others through teaching workshops and classes, in groups of all sizes. I also greatly enjoy speaking about energy awareness and mindfulness, and helping others uncover the light that may have dimmed inside. Mindfulness is not only valuable in our personal lives, but it can greatly enhance work experience as well. I seek to make energy awareness and mindfulness not only accessible, but doable and understandable as well, for anyone that I work with. 

I am available to travel for speaking engagements and workshops.

*Contact me for rates and to request me at your next event. Send e-mail here.

Mindset Coaching

My passion is energy awareness. I have dedicated time and invested in education to learn about how energy affects us and how to reach our highest potential with this awareness. I have experienced first-hand the personal and professional benefits. I love helping others become empowered, and this is one of the ways. As your Mindset Mentor, we will work closely and confidentially to uncover what may be blocking you from becoming the best version of yourself. I will then mentor you with guidance of techniques and tools that will help you to get exactly where you want to be. You will need to be ready to embrace growth and willing to do the work to get you there. Each person' s plan will be completely unique and tailored to their needs. I will listen to your needs and desires and together, we will work toward your empowerment. Ultimately, my goal is to equip you with the tools and help you shift your mindset and create new habits that you can utilize, lifelong.

Who is this for? 

Mindset Coaching is for the individual who recognizes they are ready to level up, to shift their mindset, to grow and become empowered. Maybe you struggle with confidence. Maybe you are working on overcoming grief or a difficult phase in life. Maybe you are experiencing growth, whether in business, in personal life or in a spiritual aspect, and need some help navigating this growth. Maybe you just know you are ready to make a shift in your thinking, that you are ready for something more. Are you ready to grow and shift, and are open to learning new techniques that explore who and how you want to be?  If you are ready, this is a great option for you.

*Send me a message, let's discuss your needs. I offer a 10-minute complimentary consultation call. E-mail me here.