Virtual Assistant Services

As a military spouse, I am accustomed to transition and being resilient. I also have experience in many industries such as education, salon and spa management, photography studio, retail, holistic lifestyle and administrative work, in addition to vast volunteer work.

Common thread?

It brings me joy and fulfillment to help others.

As a Virtual Assistant, I help business owners in their pursuit of success. I have always been a creative. I have keen attention to detail, wording and design. I can help you virtually with tasks so that you can focus on growing your business.

I enjoy working with women-owned, milspouse-owned & LGBT owned businesses. As well as those in the spiritual and wellness fields. My life experiences offer me the opportunity to create and serve authentically to this population because I belong to them. 

If you are interested in my Virtual Assistant Services, you can view my remote resume here.

You can also email me at


I brought Maralis on board to help smooth things over when I went on maternity/PCS leave. My intention was to keep her on for less than 2 months, and I ended up almost doubling our time together because she was that awesome. I 100% recommend, she's amazing.

-Jaime Chapman, Owner: Begin Within

For years people have made fun of me for my lack of talent when it comes to graphic design or anything tech related. So it doesn’t surprise me when I catch shade for some of my posts not really matching the message... my choices of fonts and the colors of the background have never really been my strong suit. It was never something I cared about. One day I received a beautiful random message in my inbox from someone I love and have admired for years with a graphic design for a post I created. It was simple. She lightened the background added a lovely floral touch it was beautiful. With that gift she showed me that my messages mattered and that I should be thinking about how I want my words to be seen and received in the world. Thank you Maralis, thank you for your gifts. May you be hired by many who have something beautiful to say and need beautiful graphics to match them.

-Alicia Anabel Santos, La Santera, Spiritual Business Owner

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